LG left-hander Yoo Kang-nam compensates for first-team loss by having elbow surgery–will miss season

June 18, 2023 0 Comments

A left-hander who was designated for assignment in hopes of playing a starting or middle relief role as an immediate powerhouse has had his season cut short. Kim Yoo-young (29), who LG designated as a compensation player for Yoo Kang-nam last winter, is out for the season after being diagnosed with elbow surgery.토토사이트

I was worried when I drafted him and excited afterward. LG was in deep trouble when it came to choosing a compensation player for Yoo Kang-nam’s free-agent (FA) move to Lotte. After debating between immediate power and future prospects, the team chose Kim Yoo-young based on his performance in the 2023 season.

Kim, who was drafted by Lotte in 2014, appeared in 68 games last year, the most since joining the organization. With Lotte lacking a left-handed pitcher in the bullpen at the start of the season, he found his niche as a closer, picking up eight saves in April alone. LG took note of her occasional appearances of more than one inning, and during spring training in Arizona, manager Yoon Kyung-yeop put her in the starting rotation.

LG left-hander Kim Yoo-young. Courtesy | LG Twins

However, the results were not promising. During the exhibition games, she started and gave up seven runs (five earned) on six hits in 1.1 innings. He then appeared in two more games as a middle reliever before being cut from the opening day roster. He pitched a total of four games in the Futures League, totaling six innings and 10 runs before being diagnosed with elbow surgery. His last Futures League appearance was on May 31 against the Goyang Heroes.

LG president Cha Myung-seok announced Kim’s season-ending injury on May 16, saying, “Kim Yoo-young will have elbow surgery.” Right-hander Yoon Hosol, who was chosen as a compensation player for Chae Eun-sung, who was transferred to Hanwha, has also been out of action since his Futures League appearance on May 21, but plans to return to action soon.

LG’s Kim Yoo-young. Courtesy | LG Twins

Objectively speaking, it was hard to expect much from Kim as a starting pitcher. He’s only made one start since joining the professional ranks, so he can’t be categorized as a starter. LG is still auditioning for a homegrown starter, but it’s hard to see Kim earning a spot.

What’s disappointing is the choice of compensation players. In addition to Kim, LG was considering sidearm pitcher Lee Kang-jun, a future resource. He was already committed to joining the Merchant Marine, but the team saw potential in Lee, who throws in the mid-140s. In the end, Lee became Kiwoom’s compensation player after Lotte signed Han Hyun-hee as a free agent after signing Yoo Kang-nam.

Compensation players don’t have a high success rate. However, there are times when they become key players in a team. Moon Dong-hwan and Lee Won-seok became mythical players after being traded for compensation. LG has also signed right-hander Lim Jung-woo and left-hander Yoon Ji-woong as compensation players in the past, and they’ve become key pitchers in the bullpen.

Last winter, the team drafted left-hander Kim Yoo-young and right-hander Yoon Hosol, both of whom were classified as top prospects at the time of the rookie draft, side by side, but it hasn’t paid off yet.

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