Living Legend’ Han Chae-jin, the oldest participant, Kang I-seul, 3 points 700… Women’s basketball ahead of record

January 13, 2023 0 Comments

 In the ‘Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-23 Women’s Professional Basketball’, which successfully completed the All-Star Festival held in three years, various great records are expected to be set in the second half.

Women’s basketball will begin the second half of the race, starting with the match between Asan Woori Bank and Busan BNK on the 14th at Asan Yi Sun-shin Gymnasium.

In the first half, Woori Bank is ranked first with a remarkable record of 16 wins and 1 loss, and in the second half, records are expected to be set in various fields such as teams and players.

First of all, Han Chae-jin, a veteran of Shinhan Bank in Incheon, is about to record his oldest participation. Han Chae-jin, born in 1984, is the oldest active player representing WKBL.

Han Chae-jin, who broke the record for the oldest All-Star appearance in the All-Star Game on the 8th, will write the record for the oldest player ever to participate in an away game against BNK on the 27th. 안전놀이터

Currently, this record is held by Tina Thompson (38 years, 314 days), who played for KDB Life Insurance in the 2013-14 season.

Han Chae-jin has appeared in 15 of the 17 games played by the team this season, showing off his rust-free skills.

Han Chae-jin is expected to continue to play in the BNK match as well as in subsequent matches. As Han Chae-jin’s business trips continue, his record for the oldest player to participate is expected to be renewed in each game.

Iseul Kang, a national shooter belonging to Cheongju KB, is aiming for the youngest record.

Iseul Kang (28 years, 8 months), who made 662 3-point shots as of the 13th, is the youngest coach ever (29 years, 10 months old) to record 700 3-point shots, held by BNK coach Byun Yeon-ha, if he manages to make 38 3-point shots in the remaining games. can break

Iseul Kang made 12 3-pointers in the recent All-Star game. It is true that the tension was reduced as much as the regular season because it was an event game, but it was the moment when Iseul Kang’s great shooting sense was confirmed.

If Iseul Kang maintains his current skills in the second half, it will only be a matter of time before coach Yeonha Byun breaks his record.

Meanwhile, Woori Bank is close to the club’s record for most consecutive wins.

Woori Bank, which is currently on a 13-game winning streak, is challenging the club’s record of 17 winning streaks, set during the 2013-14 and 2014-15 seasons.

If Woori Bank continues its unstoppable momentum, it can challenge the record for the most consecutive wins in WKBL. The first place in this category is Shinhan Bank’s 19 consecutive victories achieved in the 2008-09 season.

On the other hand, Bucheon Hana 1Q, which is at the bottom with 1 win and 15 losses, is in danger of the lowest win rate in the club’s history. Hana 1 Q recorded the lowest win rate last season with a win rate of 0.167 (5 wins and 25 losses).

If Hana One Q does not win more than 4 wins in the remaining 14 games, it will change the lowest win rate in one season.

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