Man Utd-Real-PSG interested in Kim Min-jae… Napoli “will never sell”

December 13, 2022 0 Comments

The popularity of Kim Min-jae, who led Korea to advance to the World Cup round of 16, is soaring day by day.

Kim Min-jae finished the World Cup on the 6th with the round of 16 schedule against Brazil. Now he has to go back to his team, Napoli, and spend a busy journey digesting the league and the Champions League.

Napoli, which is currently waiting for Kim Min-jae, is busy receiving calls from Kim Min-jae before the season resumes.

A number of local media reported the transfer of Kim Min-jae every day even before the World Cup. As soon as he joined Napoli this season, he established himself as the best center back in Serie A, so rumors of a transfer are natural. Moreover, after the World Cup, more teams are interested and Napoli are trembling with anxiety.

On the 12th, British Mirror and Spanish Football España reported that Manchester United and Real Madrid were considering signing Kim Min-jae. In addition, France’s Footour 7 reported that Paris Saint-Germain was aiming for Inter Milan’s Milan Shkriniar, but set Min-jae Kim and Yoszko Gbardiol as Plan B as the next best option in case of failure. 메이저놀이터

In response, Napoli manager Luciano Spalletti directly denied the rumors of Kim Min-jae’s transfer and was confident in renewing the contract with Kim Min-jae. However, the problem from Napoli’s point of view is Kim Min-jae’s buyout clause, which can be triggered in July next year.

Italian media Arenanapoli also reported that Napoli had already spotted Frankfurt’s Evan Ndica as a replacement for Kim Min-jae.

Kim Min-jae’s popularity is getting hotter and hotter. I am interested in what the future of this monster center back will be like.

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