‘Miracle Man’ Kim Young-kwon, special order for 2 consecutive K-League championships

January 13, 2023 0 Comments

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The secret of family love was hidden behind Kim Young-gwon’s goal after scoring the equalizer against Portugal at the Qatar World Cup.

Kim Young-kwon, who earned the nickname ‘Miracle Man’ by scoring goals in two World Cup tournaments in a row, has a new goal: Ulsan’s second consecutive championship.

This is reporter Shin Soo-bin.


The day before leaving for the World Cup in Qatar, Kim Young-gwon, who received T-shirts from his children, made a precious promise. [Kim Young-kwon: “Rihyeon-ah, Lia! If Dad scores a goal, what ceremony should I do so that

Rihyeon and Lia know?”]

[Kim Ria/Kim Young-gwon’s daughter: “This is how it works.”]

He scored a miraculous equalizer in the match and kept his promise to his daughter Leah. [ Soundbite

] Kim Young-gwon/Ulsan Defender : “The next day, I met with my family to talk about it, and my daughter talked about the ceremony again. So I think it’s fortunate that she remembered well and kept her promise.” 메이저놀이터

Kim Young-gwon, who had been let go, became stronger whenever he went to big competitions.

Along with his goals in two World Cup tournaments in a row, Kim Young-kwon, who also joined the Century Club in Qatar,’s next goal is his second consecutive K-League victory.

Tension and attention increased as the opponent for the K-League opening game next month was confirmed as rival Jeonbuk.

The battle of nerves between the two teams has reached its peak due to the Jun Amano transfer scandal.

[ Soundbite ] Kim Young-kwon/Ulsan : “I think it will be a tougher year than last year. But our players are well aware of that and know how to win.” It is attracting attention as a strong shield that will complete the championship for years in a row.

This is Subin Shin from KBS News.

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