‘New McGregor’ O’Malley, “It’s cheap even if you get hit by a white wife”

January 12, 2023 0 Comments

Sean O’Malley, dubbed the “New Conor McGregor,” is causing controversy after remarks defending UFC president Dana White, who beat his wife.

According to Marca, O’Malley recently claimed on the podcast ‘Bro Marley’ about President White slapping his wife on New Year’s Eve, “It’s no wonder he slapped her.”

“It’s too bad. White’s wife hit him too. It’s disrespectful,” said O’Malley, current number one bantamweight. It was in sympathy with Chairman White’s actions.

O’Malley soon retracted his comments after they became controversial.

He backed off on another podcast, The Timbo Sugar Show, when Sugar said White’s behavior was wrong, saying, “It was dark humor.” that it was a joke

President White and his wife drunkenly punched each other at a party in Mexico.

When the controversy arose, the Whites tried to cover up the issue by saying, “We apologized to each other.”

In particular, White’s wife said, “We drank too much and couldn’t control the situation. But we have no problem,” she said.바카라사이트

“If UFC stars behave like that, they will never be in the Octagon again,” White said of NFL star Ray Rice, who assaulted his wife in 2014.

He added, “You should never stab a woman with your hand. Violence against women is a bad thing that should never be forgiven.”

As his remarks were highlighted, some even demanded White’s resignation.

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