Only Cheongna Dome went as planned… 41-year-old Jamsil, 38-year-old resignation, when will there be a successor?

January 8, 2023 0 Comments

SSG owner Jeong Yong-jin drew attention by revealing a bird’s-eye view of the dome stadium to be built in the Cheongna area at the group’s New Year’s greetings in 2023. The Dome Stadium and the Starfield building were horizontally arranged on a large site, giving it a sophisticated and grand feel.

Of course, it is not a confirmed picture as a bird’s-eye view to help understanding, but this one published photo attracted the keen interest of baseball fans. On the other hand, it is attracting attention in the baseball world as a part where you can feel the owner’s will to build the Cheongna Dome Stadium without a hitch. Owner Jeong Yong-jin met with Incheon Mayor Yoo Jeong-bok in August of last year and agreed to build a dome stadium.

There will have to be difficulties in the future, but according to the current plan, various buildings including the dome are completed around 2027, and the timetable is to attract professional baseball games from the opening game in 2028. Considering that Gocheok Sky Dome is in fact being evaluated as a half dome stadium, Cheongna Dome is expected to leave a historical and symbolic meaning informing Korean professional baseball that the ‘dome stadium era’ has properly opened.

However, there is another place where the new baseball field is urgent. Incheon SSG Landers Field, which SSG currently uses as its home stadium, is still boasting good facilities with various remodeling despite being completed more than 20 years ago. Baseball fans are not too dissatisfied with the facilities. However, Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul and Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan, which are the 1st and 2nd cities in Korea, have yet to decide on a successor. Every time, only words come out, but it is still not possible to lead to a concrete picture.

Jamsil Baseball Stadium was completed in 1982 and Sajik Baseball Stadium in 1985. In terms of age, Jamsil is 41 years old and Sajik is 38 years old. Of course, there is no law that a stadium older than 30 years is unconditionally outdated. Major league teams also renovate stadiums and use them for a long time. However, Jamsil and Sajik have a fatal flaw in that they lack scalability. The skeleton is not good, but remodeling has its limits. In fact, LG, Doosan, Lotte, and local governments, which use these stadiums as their homes, spend a lot of money on facility repairs every year, but it is not noticeable. Sajik Stadium is especially true.

Seoul is the capital of Korea and the center of all functions, while Busan is the first and second largest city in the southeastern region. There is no shortage of demand. So every time there is a story about a new stadium and complex development. It is also a common pledge during the election season. However, as the plan continues to idling, fans’ expectations are also waning. In the meantime, new stadiums have been built in Gwangju, Changwon, and Daegu, and construction is currently in full swing in Daejeon, with a new stadium scheduled to be completed in 2025. This is why the progress of Seoul and Busan seems relatively slow.

The plan is still there. The Seoul Metropolitan Government has a plan to develop a complex site that connects the sports complex and Yeongdong-daero. Last year, a business owner was also selected. There was also a plan to relocate the baseball field. However, the speed is not as fast as expected. There are concerns that there are signs of an economic downturn and rising interest rates, which will put a significant burden on fund mobilization. It has not yet been decided whether the dome will be built as a closed type or an open type. LG and Doosan, which will be the main users, are not sharing their plans. 메이저놀이터

The construction of a new stadium in Busan came out as an election pledge every time, and after the election, the service was carried out, but the pattern of fading away without any significant results has been going on for 15 years. First of all, we have a blueprint to complete the feasibility and basic plan for Sajik Baseball Stadium reconstruction by 2022, start construction in 2025, and complete the new baseball stadium in 2028. However, there are opinions that essential discussions such as alternative stadiums have not yet been 100% confirmed, and that the latest plans should be watched as they are later than the existing timetable. Lotte is also eagerly stepping out, but there are also skeptical eyes that should be watched until the shovel is opened.

It is not easy to say that if it is to be built, it must have a clear plan from the beginning of the design. A case in point is the case of Gocheok Sky Dome, whose construction cost skyrocketed while the design was changed several times after construction began without sufficient consultation. KBO President Heo Gu-yeon also promised, “We will contribute to the construction of new professional baseball stadiums in Jamsil, Daejeon, Busan, and Incheon so that baseball can be played and seen in a better environment.” It is interpreted as emphasizing the share of the baseball world. When the new stadium is built, it will be used for various purposes, but as professional baseball is likely to account for the largest share, it is argued that the opinions of baseball fans should be actively reflected.

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