‘Pitching alone in the rain’ The final puzzle for the KIA selection that I want to throw insanely well, ‘8.3 points per game’ Will I get support for the other line?

May 20, 2023 0 Comments

Daegu Lions Park on the 18th.

In the afternoon, the rain became thicker. Rain cancellation was not decided until the 4:00 p.m. home team Samsung Lions briefing time.

However, after 30 minutes, it was decided to cancel the show in the rain. 5 p.m., visiting team KIA Tigers briefing time. When KIA coach Kim Jong-guk met the media in the dugout, there were no players on the ground.

The net used during batting practice was also moved in front of the dugout on the first base side. It is raining heavily on the ground. It was a wave atmosphere. The car that KIA players were also packing.

The 2023 KBO League match between Doosan Bears and KIA Tigers was held at Jamsil Stadium on the 13th. Kia

On the 18th, when the Daegu Samsung Game was canceled due to rain, KIA foreign pitcher Medina threw a ball on the ground alone in the rain. 안전놀이터
A foreign player trudged out onto the pitch in the pouring rain with his gloves on.

It was KIA foreign pitcher Adonis Medina. He continued to play catch as he got drenched in heavy rain so that a puddle formed. A pitcher scheduled to start two days after a day was delayed due to rain. He was afraid of getting wet and catching a cold.

Medina is the last puzzle of the KIA starting lineup.

Yang Hyeon-jong and Anderson’s two aces took center stage and raised the pace with the season’s first Quality Start+, from rookie Yoon Young-chul to fireballer Lee Eui-ri. If only Medina explodes, a stable selection rotation can be completed.

It is a situation where you can only receive glare from inside and outside the team. The desire to let people know that they are working hard to adapt to the KBO may have led Medina to the ground in the rain.

Medina is recording an average ERA of 2.58 with 3 wins and 3 losses in 8 games. It’s not that we lose a lot of points, but the pattern of collapsing in a crisis has been repeated. The reason he failed to fill 5 innings in 4 games, half of 8 games.

Will the fighting spirit in the rain for perfect revival be effective in the 9th game of the season against Kiwoom in Gwangju on the 20th?

The atmosphere is good. The KIA lineup, which only scored 12 points during the 5-game losing streak, is recording an average of 8.3 points with 25 points during the recent 3-game winning streak. It is bursting vigorously regardless of top and bottom. The pitcher who will face off against Medina is Kiwoom Hurado.

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