PO envisioned by Director Seunggi Kim

March 22, 2023 0 Comments

 “In the playoffs, I will make the opponent feel that ‘it was really difficult’.” It was coach Kim Seung-gi’s determination ahead of the playoffs.

Goyang Carrot, led by coach Kim Seung-gi, will play the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Pro Basketball regular league away game against Seoul SK at Jamsil Student Gymnasium on the 22nd.

Carrot overturned the evaluation that he was an underdog in terms of objective power and confirmed his advance to the playoffs, but there is a separate problem. It is possible to participate in the playoffs only if an additional payment of 1 billion won is paid to KBL by the 31st. Recently, the contract with Carrot Insurance, which served as the naming sponsor, was also terminated. However, the name change is only possible through the board of directors, so the club name will remain Carrot for the time being.

Regarding the series of incidents, director Kim Seung-gi said, “It’s not something I care about. My players and I are just preparing hard for the game. The company also said that they are working diligently (acquisition), so I believe in them and follow them. I also promised not to worry because I will pay all the overdue salaries.”

Under the general assumption that the playoffs will be held normally, how does coach Kim Seung-gi envision ‘Spring Basketball’? Director Kim Seung-gi said, “I will make the opponent feel that ‘it was really difficult’. The regular league and the playoffs are different. You have to use your head a lot. The 3-point shot is the best I can do, so I will continue to maintain it.” 토토사이트

However, this also has to be followed by the premise that Jeon Seong-hyun regains normal condition. Jeon Seong-hyun is diagnosed with cochlear damage and will be away for the time being. “I didn’t know, but there were reasons for my poor condition. Somehow, the shot balance was not good. It’s worse than serious. You have to take the test again.” These are the words of director Kim Seung-gi.

Fortunately, in the SK match, Lee Jung-hyun came back from an injury. Didric Lawson is highly likely to return to the Seoul Samsung Match on the 25th. Director Kim Seung-gi said, “Until today, it is difficult to operate the normal power. (Kim) Jinyu and other bench members will focus on finding confidence. Except for (former) Seonghyun, the normal power will be operated from the next game.”

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