‘Post Kim Jae-ho’ Ahn Jae-seok “Are you saying he resembles Koo Ja-wook?”

February 9, 2023 0 Comments

“Since I am a challenger, I will try to be the starting shortstop for the opening game for the second consecutive season.”

Doosan Ahn Jae-seok (21), who is aiming for the ‘post Kim Jae-ho’, has a poisonous spirit. As he enters his third year, he knows that mistakes are no longer acceptable. He made up his mind because he also knew that he had to be strict with himself so that he could play what his teammates and fans wanted. Ahn Jae-seok has a lot of work to do this season, including not only starting shortstop for the opening game, but also more than 100 hits and minimum errors.

During his inactivity, he focused on weight gain. He gained about 3kg when he came to Australia and kept it off until 10 days after the start of spring camp. He said, “I felt that his stamina was running while playing full-time. He was strong, and he wanted to increase his size, so he increased his weight. He wants to get a little bit bigger by the end of camp,” he said.

Strong stamina is one of the essentials a full-time shortstop must have. He said, “Last year, the pace was so good at the beginning of the season that I overworked. In the beginning, he put his condition up too much, but as the season progressed, he felt that his strength was running. He even felt the pressure to do well, so he only got ahead of his motivation.” This is the reason why I took a little less motivation and turned to improving my condition step by step in line with the season.

Ahn Jae-seok, who wore a Doosan uniform as a high school graduate (Seoul High School) 1st nomination in 2021, has been exceptionally digested spring camp in the first team since he was a rookie. Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop also picked Ahn Jae-seok as the ‘next-generation franchise star’ after taking office. It means that his talent is outstanding.Battery coach Serizawa Yuji shouted “Ko Ja-wook!” while helping Ahn Jae-seok with batting메이저사이트 training. It means that Ahn Jae-seok will grow like Samsung Koo Ja-wook. He said, “I never thought of Ja-wook Koo (that he looked alike). He thought the batting type was completely different.” I have a desire to observe Lee Jung-hoo hyung’s blows and transform them to fit my body. If I absorb (Lee) Jung-hoo hyung’s strengths, such as balance, swing trajectory, and timing, I will also develop to a higher level.”

First of all, you have to help the team with defense. Ahn Jae-seok is also focusing on reducing mistakes. He said, “I made 15 mistakes last year. “I wonder if it should be reduced to single digits,” he said. It is easy for a shortstop who is in his third year of high school to make more than 20 errors in one season. Ahn Jae-seok emphasized, “I hear that he can make more than 20 mistakes, but he needs to get used to reducing mistakes from a young age.”

The reason is clear. There are many competitors. The best competitor is ‘national shortstop’ Kim Jae-ho. Although his index performance has declined over the past two years, Kim Jae-ho’s skills are still top-class in Korea. Ahn Jae-seok said, “Senior Kim Jae-ho is also in a very good condition. He expressed his respect, saying, “I think he is an opponent who needs to challenge and compete rather than feel it as a crisis.” I have no intention of backing down. “Aren’t they all challengers? We have to work hard not to lose.”

Ahn Jae-seok, who set ‘Finding My Own Competitiveness’ as the theme of this season for both offense and defense, expressed his aspirations, saying, “I want to play in as many games as possible and make more than 100 hits.” It seems that Ahn Jae-seok will inherit the reputation of ‘Hwasubun Doosan’.

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