Ready! Now is the time to have fun together through unified sports…Asia Pacific Masters D-1

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 All preparations have been completed. Now is the time to have fun together through unified sports.

The ‘2023 Jeonbuk Asia Pacific Masters’, a festival for sports people around the world, is just around the corner. Hosted by the International Masters Association (IMGA) accredited by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and supervised by the 2023 Jeonbuk Asia-Pacific Masters Organizing Committee and the Jeollabuk-do Sports Association, this event will be held in 14 cities and counties in Jeollabuk-do for nine days from the 12th to the 20th. do. About 14,000 participants from 71 countries, the largest ever, will participate in 25 sports, including soccer, table tennis, and badminton, to realize themselves and strengthen friendship and harmony through sports.

For the successful hosting of the event, the organizing committee has prepared a comprehensive support system to ensure that the visit and stay of the participants are not inconvenient. First, information desks, immigration checkpoints, and reception centers were installed at Incheon and Gimpo airports for the convenience of overseas participants. For transportation support, transportation control centers have been installed at airports and main registration centers, and public officials and volunteer interpreters are stationed 24 hours a day to guide arrivals and departures and support transportation. In particular, for the convenience of participants, a total of 681 vehicles will be mobilized to support free transportation from the 10th, two days before the event, to the 22nd, two days after the event ends.

In order to provide pleasant and comfortable accommodations and unique food around the stadium, 351 representative lodging facilities and 608 restaurants by city and county are selected and posted on the website of the competition to provide detailed information. For the safety management of lodging and restaurants, a plan for sanitation management of food service establishments was established with a focus on Jeonbuk Province, and since last February, sanitary guidance and inspection, group meetings related to lodging and restaurants, and rapid reporting of food poisoning outbreaks have been simulated. Since last month, education on kindness and hygiene for owners of lodging establishments and prevention of food poisoning for food service establishments has been conducted. The idea is to thoroughly manage accommodation and food hygiene safety.

For smooth and safe game operation, a ‘technical representative’ was appointed to be responsible for managing and supervising the operation of the tournament. He discovered qualified people at home and abroad and also received approval from the International Federation of Sports (IF) for each event. A total of 2,000 referees and operating personnel were recruited, 1,000 each among skilled domestic referees and operating personnel, with the help of 25 event organizations that supervise the games. They attended training sessions for each event held at the stadium where each event was held, grasped the game facilities and environment in advance, and set up a game plan considering the convenience of the participants.

In order to improve athletes’ performance and ensure safe game viewing, joint inspections were conducted on 2 occasions with 14 cities and counties and 25 sports organizations in the province targeting 37 stadiums, and overall stadium facilities such as stadium structure, firefighting, and electricity Final inspection done.

Volunteers, who are the ‘faces of the event’ who will communicate with the participants closest to them, are operated in 9 fields with 2,000 volunteers, including 1,300 general volunteers and 700 interpreters. In September of last year, the Organizing Committee entered into business agreements with provincial volunteer centers and 14 city and county volunteer centers, established an organic cooperation system, and recruited volunteers to serve during the event. Out of 3,883 applicants, 2,000 finalists were selected through interviews. The selected volunteers completed basic knowledge training and job training for the event at provincial volunteer centers and 14 city and county volunteer centers. They were placed in the right place according to their capabilities, such as the information center. On the 25th of last month, a volunteer launching ceremony was held to strengthen the will to succeed in the event.

The opening and closing ceremonies are decorated with various cultural events as they are held under the theme of K-culture. The opening ceremony to be held at the Jeonju World Cup Stadium on the 13th will be held under the theme of ‘new change, the beginning of hope’. In the era of Jeonbuk Special Self-Governing Province, the opening speech of Kim Gwan-young, Governor of Jeonbuk Province, the chairman of the Organizing Committee, with contents that shed new light of hope, and distinctive and differentiated performances that contain the identity of Jeonbuk, as well as top singers such as Young Tak, Oh My Girl, Jin Seong, and Na Tae-joo. A K-Pop performance composed of people will be held. The closing ceremony, which will decorate the finale of the competition, will be held on the 20th at Jeolla Gamyeong under the theme of ‘The Beginning of Special Hope’. Following the screening of the highlight video of the tournament and closing remarks, the APMG tournament flag was delivered to the Organizing Committee of the Abu Dhabi Games in the United Arab Emirates, the next venue.안전놀이터

Various cultural events in 14 cities and counties will be expanded and operated in order to inform participants of Jeollabuk-do, a memorable city that they want to visit again. To ensure that participants can easily visit major tourist attractions in Jeollabuk-do, 7 Jeonbuk Circular Tour Bus courses linking major tourist attractions in 14 cities and counties in the province will be operated during the event period. Jeonju, Gunsan, and Iksan, where many events are held, will create cultural event venues to provide cultural viewing and experience opportunities to participants, while other cities and counties plan to provide a variety of things to see and enjoy in connection with local cultural events.

Governor Kim said, “We welcome all people from all over the world who visit the 2023 Jeonbuk Asia Pacific Masters and Jeollabuk-do. We will do our best to satisfy the participants by concentrating all our capabilities so that all visitors to the event can enjoy the taste and charm of Jeollabuk-do, the home of K-culture, to their heart’s content.”

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