Responsibilities and duties of a ‘public relations ambassador’ told by a star from the hometown

February 7, 2023 0 Comments

“Working hard is our responsibility and duty.”

 The Organizing Committee of the 2024 Busan World Table Tennis Championships (hereafter referred to as the Organizing Committee) commissioned actor Im Si-wan as a public relations ambassador and started publicizing the event in earnest. Public Relations Ambassador Im Si-wan showed extraordinary 메이저놀이터enthusiasm by saying, “I will do my best.”

 An official from the organizing committee said on the 7th, “We plan to actively utilize actor Im Si-wan, who has become a public relations ambassador. He hinted that since he showed his will, good results will come out.”

 On the 6th, Siwan officially became the public relations ambassador for the organizing committee. He doesn’t seem to have any ties to table tennis, but looking inside, he has many points of contact. The place of the competition is Busan, where Im Si-wan grew up. He was born in Seoul, but moved when he was young and attended Busan until college.

 He also has memories of table tennis. Im Si-wan said, “I was influenced a lot by my mother. Her mom was good at table tennis. So, during his school days, he even joined the table tennis club. Even so, he never won.” He said, “I heard that in his parents’ generation, he enjoyed table tennis a lot. It seems unfamiliar to the younger generation,” he said. “Through this tournament, we expect that table tennis will become an opportunity for a healthy culture that encompasses all generations. I will try to promote table tennis as much as I can,” he laughed.

 Siwan took a step further. He said, “I like table tennis so much that I can count it on my hands. I have depression, so I am afraid of entertainment (appearing in entertainment related to table tennis), but if the opportunity arises, I will do my best as time permits.” He also said, “I don’t know how successful it is to be ‘well done’, but I think it’s my responsibility and duty to show my face as much as possible so that this tournament can go well.”

 With this relationship as an opportunity, he even suggested an idea that could lead to a national table tennis boom. As an actor, if he takes on the lead role in a table tennis movie, he hopes for the days of active duty and director of Organizing Committee Secretary General Kim Taek-soo and says, “It seems like a really good idea. It would be nice if people in the film industry read this interview,” he laughed.

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