Rookie setter Lee Yoon Shin, who even Jung Dae Young has a crush on, says she’s “the fastest after Hyohee”

September 20, 2023 0 Comments

After nine years in a GS Caltex uniform, veteran middle blocker Jung Dae-young has found a home with a new setter.

Chung made the move from Korea Expressway Corporation to GS Caltex as a free agent this year and is entering his 19th season with the organization. He is preparing for the 2023-24 season with head coach Cha Sang-hyun, saying, “Let’s finish the last season well.” “I think he called me because he thinks I can help,” Jung said. He asked me to fill in the gaps in the middle blocker position and to lead the players well on the court.”

Han Soo-ji, another senior in the middle blocker group, also receives help from Jung. “I talk to Suzy a lot,” Jung said. When she says, ‘I think you do things differently,’ I tell her a lot. I think the other middle blockers have also improved in that way,” she smiles.

GS Caltex is currently undergoing a major setter change. The previous setter, Ahn Hye-jin, went under the knife in July due to a shoulder injury. It is expected to take eight months to rehabilitate. It was an inevitable long-term departure. Kim Ji-won, a fourth-year professional setter born in 2001, was away during the offseason due to her call-up to the national team.

The team signed 5-foot-11 Kim Ji-woo from Heungkuk Life as a free agent in 2005, and brought in Philippine international setter Iris Tolanada after two moves to the Asian Quarterfinals. The team also selected Lee Yoon-shin, a 172-centimeter setter from Jungang Girls’ High School, with the fourth pick of the first round.

Tolanada and Lee have been with the team for about a week now. They have been focusing on getting their chemistry together with the offense. On the 18th, they practiced with the Hitachi Astemo Rivare team from Japan at the clubhouse in Cheongpyeong.

Coach Cha Sang-hyun started Tolanada and substituted Lee Yoon-shin to check his performance. It was a “surprise” for Lee Yoon-shin, but she showed a “strong heart.

Jung Dae-young, who played with her on the court, said, “She’s only in her third year of high school. He still plays well. Among the setters I’ve seen so far, she’s the fastest after (Lee) Hyo-hee,” he said, referring to current Korea Expressway Corporation coach Lee Hyo-hee.

“I think the coach has a good eye for players. She seems to have brought in the right players, so I think it will be a plus for the team. I’m also trying to figure out the player’s style quickly.”바카라사이트

Yoo Seo-yeon had a similar reaction. “I came to the team on the first day and watched them practice at night, and the toss was fine. I practiced with her from the next day, and I think she has a good toss, speed, and delivery.” Coach Cha is also excited about Lee Yoon-shin, saying, “She has a sense as a setter.” He still needs time, but it’s a relief for Cha, who has been struggling with his setter.

Jung Dae-young is also improving his form. She suffered a calf injury during a training camp in Japan in July and was unable to compete in this year’s Cup. He is building his body for the V-League. He said, “My body has improved. I’ve been working with the players for about a month now since the World Cup. I think we’re getting better and better together.”

In conclusion, Jung said, “I play every season as if it’s my last. I’m just grateful to be on the court and think about doing my best,” she said, adding, “I hope GS Caltex can help us go to spring volleyball this season.” She shared her goals for the new season. Born in 1981, Jung’s challenge is far from over

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