‘Self-compassion’ is the power to grow me

January 26, 2023 0 Comments

‘The reason it’s hard for us to be happy is because we don’t know what makes us happy. Decades of research have shown that simply changing your external circumstances—whether it’s a long-awaited vacation, getting the perfect body, or owning a beautiful home—doesn’t make you happier. You need to fix your inner self. The second reason is the negative bias implanted in our brains during millions of years of human evolution to detect dangers in our surroundings,’ Shauna Shapiro, author of ‘Mindfulness,’ says in the book.

In fact, there are about 3,000 words that express human emotions, of which only about 1,000 are positive, she says. This means that negative words are used twice as often. Intentionally using a lot of positive words can help balance things out.

In the military, each unit has its own salutation slogan. The slogan for the unit where I once served has traditionally been “Unity! You can do it.” Specially added “you can do it”. Dozens of times a day of this relief. I cried for almost 4 years. How many times have I become a believer in myself? Even after leaving this unit, for a while, it was strangely ‘I can do anything’. I have memories of being very inspired by the iron-clad confidence. 카지노사이트

How many shots are you satisfied with in one round? Even Tiger Woods, who was in his prime, once said that he only did it once or twice through numerous tournaments. What about amateurs? But sometimes, when an unsatisfactory shot comes out, there is someone who blames himself or pours out negative words that are embarrassing even for his companion to hear. When that happens, I can’t tell the person directly, but I feel sorry for him. Happiness comes easily when the heart is generous. It’s because the pride that can’t tolerate mistakes is damaged. Of course, it can happen once or twice. Sometimes this kind of self-blame has the effect of self-soothing. However, if negative behavior is too frequent, it becomes a bad habit without even realizing it.

It is desirable to always live with positive thoughts, but it may not be. This is because it can be the result of self-justification or deception that does not fully understand oneself. There are things in the world that obviously don’t work. The author of ‘Mindfulness’ also had a difficult time divorced from her husband and thought that she had failed in her life, but when she opened her eyes in the morning, she said to herself, “Good morning I love you” with the words of ‘self-compassion’. By taking care of herself first, she gradually healed her wounds and regained her self-confidence.

The whole world is driven by problem-focused thinking. Sometimes I’m afraid to watch the troubling news on TV. If golfers only think of their own problems whenever they encounter difficulties throughout the 18 holes, they can easily get tired and lose interest in golf. Even overly optimistic thoughts lead to greater disappointment and discouragement if the results continue to fall short of expectations. Even if you live a good life, there are times when misfortune comes, and monkeys sometimes fall from trees, so you just have to calmly accept yourself as you are.

I am also now “Unity! Instead of slogans like, “You can do it,” I greet myself with a morning greeting of “Hello, I love you.” If you say it out loud, you can feel the warmth from your heart. We do not have to cultivate negative thoughts in the field of life or on the golf course. I would like to start this morning warmly with a balanced thought that always understands my strengths and weaknesses, encourages me little by little, and embraces me.

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