Shinhan Bank, using player replacement to call the 4th quarter operation time?

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“Five veterans cannot play for all 10 minutes. You should take a break of 3 minutes. I called the operation time to change by 3 minutes.”

Incheon Shinhan Bank bowed its head 62-79 in an away game against Busan BNK held at Sajik Gymnasium in Busan on the 27th. Shinhan Bank, who failed to follow the upward trend of 3 consecutive wins, finished the 4th round in 4th place with a record of 10 wins and 10 losses.

It was a game that Shinhan Bank had to win even more. If they won that day, they could have tied for second place. Above all, it was the day when Han Chae-jin set the record for being the oldest player. Victory was necessary for the meaning of the record to shine. However, BNK’s height and defense pushed it away from victory.

They were 30-41 in rebounding. The number of errors was also high at 14-11. The field goal success rate was 38% and 44%, respectively. It was a tough game to win.

Most of all, the regrettable thing was that they could not score any points after the operation time requested 3 times in the 4th quarter.

With 6 minutes and 27 seconds left, I requested the first operation time of the second half. 63-53, a difference of 10 points. Lee Kyung-eun’s 3-point shot missed.

With 4 minutes and 38 seconds left, Kim Han-byeol conceded and called the second operation time when they fell behind 56-67. Han Chae-jin’s 3-point shot missed.

With 3 minutes and 5 seconds left, the final operation time was 59-71 with a 12-point difference. Byeon So-jeong’s 3-point shot missed the rim.

Between about 6 minutes and 10 seconds before and after calling Operation Time 3, Shinhan Bank scored only 6 points with two 3-pointers from Han Chae-jin and Kim Jin-young, allowing BNK 14 points. The score, which was 53-61, widened to 59-75.

At least until the second operation time, if the score was added after the operation time, a little more chasing flow could have been created.

Shinhan Bank failed to score after 4 operational hours except Lee Kyung-eun’s jumper after the 1st quarter operational time.

BNK also didn’t score well after the operation time, but when they were chased by 50-44 in the middle of the 3rd quarter, Lee So-hee’s 3-point shot and defense were changed to regional defense after the operation time, ending Shinhan Bank’s upward trend.

When asked if it would have been possible to change the flow if the goal had been scored after the operation time, coach Gunadan said, “There were 24 rebounds and 11 rebounds until the first half. It doesn’t matter if you score goals or not. There is a player’s shooting success rate. 2-point shooting success rate, 3-point shooting success rate, there are days when the success rate is high and days when it is not high. In today’s (27th) game, BNK players are 49% 2-point shots and 33% 3-point shots. We are 50% and 21%,” he said. “Even if a shot goes in after we call the operation time, the game does not come over. For the game to come over, we need to stop BNK from shooting. BNK shot 49 2-pointers, and we shot 38. We shot 21 3-pointers and we threw 28. BNK threw 14 more shots (actual field goal deviations were 66 and 70, with Shinhan Bank 4 fewer). The game does not come over just because we attack, we must defend so that (the opponent) cannot attack. That’s why after the operation time, we need to supplement the rotation of the defense rather than whether the offense went well or not.” 메이저놀이터

When asked again, “Isn’t it necessary to make up for it because there was no goal that could change the flow during the operation time called to change the flow?” Director Gunadan conveyed his thoughts.

“We have to be that complement. Mistakes must be corrected, and it is unavoidable if a mistake is made after the operation time. That also needs to be supplemented. If the shot does not go in, the rebound should also be supplemented. The shot success rate is 50%, so if you throw two, one goes in. If you call the first half and the second half of the operation time and score the mod, it is between 10 and 15 points. If (shot success rate) is 50%, (possible score after operation time) is 7 points.

It’s not that I couldn’t change the flow (because I couldn’t score) after three operation hours in the 4th quarter, but there weren’t many rotations that could be used in the 4th quarter. Five veterans cannot play for all 10 minutes. You should take a break of 3 minutes. I called the operation time to change by 3 minutes. It is to run away from physical strength rather than flow.

It’s so good to score after the operation time. But for that alone (Operation Time) can’t be done. 2-point shooting and 50% 3-point shooting make no sense. It’s a really good team. The NBA won’t come out that way either. Then you have to see that 2 out of 3 (shots) fail. Not all games are resolved as you would like.

we need to reinforce hit. However, the other parts, the parts that can be taken to win the game, and the will to grow, the players’ skills cannot suddenly be raised, so we have to figure out those parts and play well in the remaining 10 games so that we can play a little more in the playoffs. .”

One of the reasons why Shinhan Bank is requesting operation time for the 4th quarter is to change players to arrange physical strength.

You can’t score after all the operation time, but you can ride the flow of one more score. Shinhan Bank could not do that in this game.

In addition, Park Jeong-eun, coach of BNK, said ahead of the game that day, “Shinhan Bank has a limited number of players with experience, so we are trying to push forward physically.”

It can be seen that BNK has properly prepared for a confrontation with Shinhan Bank.

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