Sloppy tournament management at the Italian Open, flooded with criticism from fans

May 22, 2023 0 Comments

The WTA1000 Italian Open ended with Rivakina winning, but the aftertaste is not clear. With the win, Rivakina entered the top 5 for the first time in her career and became the third female player to reach the finals at the Australian Open, Indian Wells, Miami and Rome Opens in one season. It became.

The women’s singles final was held on May 20, local time. However, at the awards ceremony, the fans’ booing was louder than the voices of support for the players.  

The reason is because of the sloppy management of the event by the organizers. The women’s final was originally scheduled to start at 19:00 after the men’s semifinal, but was delayed to 23:00 that night due to rain. The match was stopped after 1 hour and 5 minutes due to Kalinina’s injury. 토토사이트

When the awards ceremony started, the date was changed, and in addition, an unbelievable mistake occurred, such as misunderstanding the person handing the trophy. Many audiences complained about the poor operation method. On the SNS of the tournament side, there are criticisms such as “Did it have to be held so late at night?” “We should pay more respect to the female players” and “It was an awards ceremony like an amateur competition.”

Alize Cornet (France), ranked 64th in the women’s tennis world, also posted on the official Twitter account, “It’s sad that the women’s final starts at 23:00.” “There were very few people left in the stands,” she pointed out, “why don’t both men and women play finals on Sunday?”

The biggest victims are the players who played the final late at night and were not properly celebrated at the ceremony. 

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