“Sorry for the oversight” instead of “second-wave violence”

July 11, 2023 0 Comments

“I apologize again.”

Kim Won-hyung, who leads the first team, bowed his head in response to the violence within the second team. The SSG Landers second team recently had a violent incident. Infielder A has always been unhappy with the attitude of junior infielder B. He says, “The way he treats the coach, etc. “He has an overall cocky attitude, including the way he treats the coach,” he said. On the 6th, A gathered the juniors for a meeting and gave them a quick slap on the wrist. Things escalated from there. Another senior pitcher, C, who was angry at the disrespect, called the juniors together and hit B with a bat on the spot. An assault had occurred.바카라사이트

The club became aware of the incident the next day, the 7th, and immediately filed a voluntary report with the KBO Clean Baseball Center. The KBO has since received a statement from the club and is looking into the details. The KBO’s punishment committee is expected to meet as early as midweek next week. SSG is particularly disappointed about the incident, as the team had a history of assaults within its secondary squad three years ago when it was the SK Wyverns.

Speaking to reporters at the Incheon stadium on the 11th, Kim Won-hyung said, “As a coach, I think it’s disrespectful in many ways. It shouldn’t happen in this day and age, but I’m sorry that it happened,” he said, bowing his head. In fact, it’s hard for a coach leading the first team to know everything that happens within the second team. However, as a member of the same club and a commander representing the team, he bowed his head.

Kim Won-hyung also said, “Three years ago, I was in a different team, but after that, I thought I did a good job of preventing it from happening again because we talked about it, but suddenly it happened again, so in that sense, it’s a negligence of management. From my point of view, I’m still sorry. Once again, I apologize for various things, and I think we need to work on preventing recurrence in the future. I don’t know what to say,” he said with regret.

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