‘Taebaek Class King’ Noh Beom-soo, Pyeongchang Games also ‘Notojang’

April 11, 2023 0 Comments

Noh Beom-soo (Ulju-gun Office) of ‘Nottojang’ set a new record for the most titles in his career, winning 18 individual titles by winning 4 consecutive championships.

Noh Beom-soo defeated Heo Seon-haeng (Suwon City Hall) 3-0 in the 2023 Folk Wrestling League 2nd Pyeongchang Odaesancheon Jangsa Wrestling Competition Taebaek Jangsa (80kg or less) held at the Jinbu Living Gymnasium in Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do, and won the bull trophy had

Starting with the Cheonhajangsa Competition in November of last year, the New Year’s Day Competition in January this year, and the Mungyeong Competition in February, she won the Taebaek-class flower palanquin in four consecutive competitions. In addition, in the 4th year of folk wrestling, Taebaek 17 times and Geumgang 1 times were added, and a total of 18 times won the title. With this, Noh Beom-soo moved closer to Lim Tae-hyeok (Suwon City Hall), who holds the record for the most titles (20 times) in his current career. Considering that Lim Tae-hyeok has been unable to add a title due to overlapping injuries after the New Year’s Day competition last year, it is highly likely that Roh Beom-soo will break the record within this year. ‘Nottojang’ is an abbreviation of ‘Noh Bum-soo did business again’, and it is a nickname given to him because he does business as if he were eating rice.

Heo Seon-haeng, who replayed in the final after about four months since the Cheonhajangsa Competition in November of last year, was no match for Noh Beom-soo. Noh Beom-soo, who took the first round by pushing after the storm skill showdown, defeated Heo Seon-haeng, who tried to baegi in the second round, with a lightning-like snatch. In the third game, he roared as he laid the aggressive Heo Seon-haeng on the sand board once again with a snatch followed by a push.

Previously, Noh Bum-soo passed the quarterfinals with a bye. This was thanks to team senior Lee Kwang-seok withdrawing from the preliminaries due to an injury. Noh Beom-soo, who saved his stamina, had a premonition of victory by completely overpowering Yoon Pil-jae (Uiseong-gun Office), the 10th Taebaek Champion, with a push followed by a deulbaeji and a snatch followed by a homi girl in the semifinals. 토토사이트

After the game, Beom-soo Noh said, “After winning the Mungyeong Championship, I prepared harder and worked harder. Currently, my mind is 60-70%,” he said.

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