The dizzying PBA World Championship…’Oops’ from the start Jaeho Jo – Mingoo Kang – Wimarz

March 3, 2023 0 Comments

Potential candidates for the championship hesitated from the first day.

On the 2nd, the first day of the ‘SK Rent-A-Car PBA-LPBA World Championship 2023’ held at JTBC Studio Ilsan ended. 

The outline of joy was captured. Foreign players entering the top rankings, such as ‘defending champion’ Frederic Kudron (Welcome Savings Bank), David Zapata (Blue One Resort), David Martinez (Crown Haetae), and Philippos Kasidocostas (Hana Card), usually got off to a good start. . 

Among domestic players, Kang Dong-gung (SK Rent-a-car) and Kim Jae-geun (Crown Haitai) breathed a sigh of relief as they secured their first win.

On the other hand, strong players such as Cho Jae-ho (NH Nonghyup Card), Birol Wimarz (Welcome Savings Bank), and Kang Min-goo (Blue One Resort), who reached the top in the individual competition this season, are in jeopardy of advancing to the round of 16 due to their first defeat. 

Group C Kudron made a good start by beating Kim Jong-won온라인바카라 (TS Shampoo Puradak) with a set score of 3-1. The first set was given 14-15 after a close match of 8 innings, but the game ended with the 2nd, 3rd and 4th sets down.

Kang Dong-gung won the 1st, 2nd and 3rd sets against Oh Seong-wook (Huons) and made a shutout victory. Kang Dong-gung, who used a reverse electrode from the first set with 8 high runs, achieved a come-from-behind victory with a 1-point margin in the remaining sets. 

In addition, Zapata set Noh Byung-chan behind and Martinez turned Park Joo-seon around, giving the go-ahead for victory at the beginning of ‘The King of Kings’. 

On the other hand, Cho Jae-ho, who was the most likely champion among domestic players with the season rankings, announced an uneasy start by losing 0-3 to Choi Won-joon. In the first set, Choi Won-joon scored 7 high runs, leading 15-7. Cho Jae-ho took another shot in the second set and was beaten 3-15. 

Kang Min-goo also took a close first step, losing to Kim Im-kwon (TS Shampoo Puradak). 

In this tournament, the 1st and 2nd places in each group will advance to the round of 16 after going through a group stage of 32 teams with 4 players, and the winner will be determined through a tournament. The group standings are determined in the order of wins, number of matches, sets won/loss, overall average, and overall high runs. 

The round of 32 is a best of 5 match (last set 11 points), and the round of 16 and quarterfinals are played in the same way as the round of 32, best of 5. However, the final set of the round of 16 and quarterfinals will be played to 15 points. 

The semi-finals are played in a best-of-7 match, and the final is a best-of-9 match. (15 points in the last set for both the semi-finals and finals). On the other hand, the women’s LPBA round of 32 is

played in a best-of-three system (last set 9 points). The round of 16 to the quarterfinals will be played in a best-of-five system, and the semi-finals and finals will be played in a best-of-seven system. From the round of 16, the final set score will also be changed to 11 points.

From 2:00 pm on the 3rd, the first day of the LPBA round of 32 group stage begins. The competition runs at 2pm, 4:30pm, 7pm and 9:30pm. 

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