“The grandson of the wind is coming”… MLB pays attention


professional baseball MVP Lee Jung-hoo announces that he will advance to the major leagues after the season next year, local reactions are hot.

This is reporter Lee Seong-hoon.


Major League Baseball’s homepage delivered the news of Lee Jung-hoo’s advance to the United States under the title, ‘KBO’s star can become the wind that helps the big league team flap their wings’. 토토사이트

He said that Lee Jung-hoo could shake up next year’s FA market, where stars such as Ohtani and Machado will appear en masse, and even introduced the nickname ‘the grandson of the wind’. I expected it to be possible.

Also, last June, Lee Jung-hoo introduced Jin Gi-myung-ki, who hit while losing his balance, and praised him for his excellent ability to make hits by somehow matching them like former star Vladimir Guerrero.

He also added that if Korea advances to the semifinals at the World Baseball Classic in March next year, the semifinals will be played in Miami, which could be an opportunity for American fans to meet Lee Jung-hoo in advance.

[Lee Jeong-hoo/Kiwoom outfielder: We will prepare well for (WBC) and work hard to show the public a good look. (I also) want to say that I will prepare well so that my dream can come true.]

Lee Jung-hoo will start his personal training in the United States early next month and begin his challenge to the stage of his dream.