The men’s volleyball triple crown is rich… Women’s division ‘0’ this season

January 9, 2023 0 Comments

Professional volleyball’Triple Crown’ was born commonly in the men’s division in the 2022-2023 season, but it has never appeared in the women’s division, making a stark contrast.

The Triple Crown is a record that is achieved when a player raises three or more points each in serving, blocking, and back attack in one game.

It is a reward rule that is unique to Korea’s V-League, and was introduced at the beginning of the pro league to boost players’ morale. The Korea Volleyball Federation gives a prize of 1 million won to the player who achieves the triple crown.

In the men’s division this season, as of the 8th, there have been 16 triple crowns.

Nicola Mellagnac, who was released from playing for KB Insurance, made season 1 triple crown against OK Financial Group on the 10th and 30th of last year, and on the 5th of this month, in a match against Korea Electric Power, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance main gun Ahmed Iqbairi (registered name Ik Bai Li) recorded the 16th triple crown.

OK Financial Group’s leading striker Leonardo Leyba Martinez (registered name Leo) has achieved the feat five times this season alone, including the first V-League to show a triple crown in four consecutive matches. 스포츠토토

The prize money he took was 5 million won, which is the same as the prize money given to the MVP of the regular league.

Foreign players, including Leo, KEPCO Tais Deul Host (registered name Thais, 3 times), Ik Bairi (2 times), and Korean Air Lincoln Williams (registered name Lincoln, 1 time) tasted the Triple Crown 12 times out of 16. I saw.

Among domestic players, only Na Gyeong-bok and Kim Ji-han of Woori Card have accumulated great records.

Na Gyeong-bok won the third, and Kim Ji-han, who took the place of the injured Riverman Agamez (registered name Agamez), won the first triple crown award.

Along with Jeong Ji-seok (Korean Air), Na Gyeong-bok, the main player of Korean men’s volleyball, boasts the qualities of an all-rounder such as serve, back attack, and blocking, making his name shine even more.

In the 2021-2022 season, 26 triple crowns came out, the most in one season.

Considering that last season’s regular members Keita Nomori (former KB Insurance, 5 times) and Alex Ferheira (former Woori Card, 6 times) did not play in the V-League, the number of triple crowns this year is higher than in previous seasons. I’m on the side

However, in the women’s division, the triple crown disappeared even after the halfway point of the season. This is because there is no player who has the triple time of serving, attacking, and blocking.

The last triple crown in the women’s division was achieved by GS Caltex’s Letizia Moma Basoko (registered name MoMA) in a match against Hyundai E&C on February 4 last year, in the 2021-2022 season.

The total number of triple crowns in the women’s division is 68, less than one third of the 247 in the men’s division.

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