The reason Hana 1Q’s season 2 victory was more valuable for ‘overcoming Shin Ji-hyun’s dependence’

January 20, 2023 0 Comments

Hana One Q overcame dependence on Shin Ji-hyeon (174cm, G).

Bucheon HanawonQ won 65-56 against Yongin Samsung Life Insurance in the 4th round of Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball held at Bucheon Indoor Gymnasium on the 19th. He succeeded in winning 2 seasons (16 losses). The first victory was won in Bucheon.

Hana 1 Q fell into an 8-game losing streak after the opening. Fortunately, on November 30th, we won our first win of the season in a match against Cheongju KB Stars.

However, they did not win more than a month after that. The number of consecutive losses also increased to ‘8’ again. It was hard to turn the atmosphere around.

Before the match, coach Kim Do-wan of Hanawon Q said, “We could hardly win. It’s a difficult situation. Even so, the players work really hard. If we win, we can grow faster. I’m sorry for not bringing victory to the players.”

“I’m growing little by little. Now I stop the opponent’s attack once. But the next defense is insufficient. Once I defend, I sometimes settle down. When I attack, I try to shoot confidently. Now I am adjusting my shot balance and rhythm.”

Hana 1 Q showed a good start to the game that day. With strong defense, Samsung Life’s 1st quarter score was tied to 6 points.

At the same time, he scored by attacking the paint zone. Yang In-yeong (184cm, C) scored 6 points in the first quarter. Hana 1 Q got off to a fresh start with 18-6.

However, Hana 1Q’s field goal success rate was not high. In the first half, he attempted 13 three-pointers, but only made two. He could not get out of the range of Samsung Life’s pursuit.

It was Hana One Q that changed from the 3rd quarter. From the beginning of the third quarter, a firefight was developed with a high field goal success rate. With 8 minutes and 9 seconds left in the third quarter, they ran away by 14 points.

Samsung Life Insurance did not collapse easily either. Jo Soo-ah (170cm, G) and Bae Hye-yoon (183cm, C) scored consecutively to narrow the score gap little by little.바카라사이트

Samsung Life’s pursuit was fierce. With 3 minutes and 2 seconds left in the 4th quarter, Bae Hye-yoon’s free throw caught up to a 5-point lead.

There was one more bad news for Hana 1 Q in the game. Ace Shin Ji-hyun had to leave the court due to a knee injury. Hana One Q had to keep 5 points for 3 minutes without Shin Ji-hyun.

Shin Ji-hyun’s influence in Hana 1 Q is quite large. Director Kim Do-wan also said, “You shouldn’t just look for (Shin) Ji-hyun in the game. When the opportunity comes, you must boldly try to shoot.” 

At the beginning of the season, Hana 1Q expected a triangle formation of Shin Ji-hyun, Yang In-young, and Kim Ae-na (168cm, G). However, Yang In-young and Kim Aena could not do their part due to injuries and sluggishness. Shin Ji-hyun’s burden was as high as in the 2021-2022 season. 

Today’s match was a little different. First, the older sisters of Hana 1 Q moved. Kim Ji-young (171cm, G) put out the urgent fire by breaking through using her skill, speed. Yang In-young also succeeded in the mid-range jumper.

The player who reached the peak was Jeong Ye-rim (175cm, G), who was out of the maknae. Jeong Ye-rim succeeded in a mid-range jumper that virtually decided the game with 1 minute and 32 seconds left in the game.

Hana One Q players overcame Shin Ji-hyun’s absence. He did not hesitate at the opportunity to attack. Didn’t even delay. She showed confidence.

It was a scene that proved the changed Hana One Q. He overcame ‘Shin Ji-hyeon Dependence’. It was a victory worth more than just one win.

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