The story behind the ‘2701 Incident’ revealed one after another… ‘Unqualified Person – Inappropriate Demands and Remarks’

January 10, 2023 0 Comments

 The Korea Football Association (KFA) explained the controversy over ‘No. 2701’. 

In the statement of the so-called ‘2701 Incident’ announced by the KFA on the 10th, ‘The association lied. If it is true that some of the representative players’ remarks of ‘deliberately excluding trainer Ahn Deok-soo’ are true, it seems that it will be difficult for the team to avoid criticism for being inconsiderate.

The Korean national soccer team reached the round of 16 for the first time in 12 years at the Qatar World Cup, which ended on the 19th of last month. However, despite the glorious results, the atmosphere of the team that returned to Korea was not entirely bright. It was because of the ‘2701 Incident’.

Ahn Deok-soo, who entered Qatar as a personal trainer for Son Heung-min, took care of several players. That much is clear. KFA also acknowledged that part. I didn’t mention it much to bring the players’ physical condition to the best. 

KFA already had information about Ahn. Some players wanted Ahn and demanded that he join the national team. However, in November 2021, when KFA announced the recruitment of mandatory trainers, Mr. Ahn did not apply. 

Nonetheless, the players requested Ahn to join them one more time ahead of the opening of the World Cup. However, KFA’s position was firm. KFA said, “(Ahead), we did not apply during the recruitment announcement. And according to the National Sports Promotion Act, which came into effect in February 2021 after the death of the late Choi Sook-hyun (triathlon), only those with relevant licenses can work,” he explained  메이저놀이터

. He had the qualifications of ‘Career’ and ‘Sports Field Trainer’. This did not correspond to the mandatory staff license recognized by the association. At the time, there was a story that one of the mandatory trainers in the national team lacked qualifications, but this was before the revision of the National Sports Promotion Act. The KFA said, “Mr. B, a mandatory staff member of the association, who 

was pointed out by the players as not having a license, has been working for the association for 14 years since 2008. At the time of the Qatar World Cup, he had only a license as an ‘athlete’, so it was difficult to obtain the required license for medical staff. It is true that there was no one.

” He said, “However, the case of Mr. B and Deok-soo Ahn is different. It was in 2020 that the association signed a two-year renewal contract with Mr. B. After signing the contract (February 2021), the government’s qualification conditions Since it was newly implemented, it was not possible to terminate the contract with the parties retroactively for this reason.”

In other words, when the players asked to hire Ahn as a duty staff member of the association, Ahn did not apply and did not have the required qualifications. On the other hand, the staff of the association joined the company before the new law went into effect and worked until the contract period written in the contract. The World Cup was in the process. 

The association expressed regret for the players who made somewhat unreasonable demands. “The attitude of trying to fulfill the demands without acknowledging the legal recruitment process is not appropriate,” he said.

When the players said goodbye to coach Paulo Bento, who led Korea to the round of 16, they applauded them for playing “honest soccer, fair soccer.” Didn’t it lead to learning? It is true that even great achievements have a bitter aftertaste. 

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