“To make Korea more humiliated… “Ichiro’s Creepy Talk About the WBC

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 That was the case at that time. The whole country fell into despair. for one ball. It was the 2009 WBC final. It was the top of the 10th inning when it was 3-3. 2 out 2nd and 3rd base. Ichiro appeared at the plate. Changyong is invincible on the mound.

After two strikes, a scuffle breaks out. It is a repeated foul. count 2-2. This is the 8th pitch of fate. The forkballs were randomly driven. someone who typed There is no way. It’s a lightning reaction. Accurate without error The bounced ball is a clothesline. Timely hit in front of center fielder. Two runners hit home. The direction of victory was different.

This scene caused great controversy. The agenda was ‘why did you win’. For a while, it was a regular menu on TV and radio. A special documentary, of course. It even appeared in the ‘100 Minute Debate’. It must have been awful at a drinking party. Arguments, fist fights, and riding in police cars were not uncommon.

The regret of the officials is also painful. These are statements made through various interviews.

“It’s because I didn’t look. I should have signed it more clearly. It was not Lim Chang-yong’s fault that he got the final blow. If the result is not good, it is the responsibility of the teacher.” (Former coach Kim In-shik)

“It is entirely my fault. The director gave a sign waving the index finger of both hands. I didn’t know if it meant that it was okay to walk, or to fight hard. I tried to make it difficult because the opponent was my opponent, but due to my fault, senior Chang-yong’s forkball was driven into the middle and gave me the final blow.” (Catcher Kang Min-ho)

“There was no sign telling me to walk Ichiro. I ended up losing just like that with just one mistake anyway. Then it is my fault.” (Pitcher Lim Chang-yong)

It’s been over 10 years. But it is vivid in my memory. So does the winner.

This is a Japanese YouTube channel. It was produced by a securities company called SMBC Nikko Shoken (日興証券). ‘Please teach me. The title is “Oshiete! Ichiro Sensei”. The background is a school classroom. The main character is the teacher role. Students range from children to those in their 70s. This is a form in which the teacher responds to their questions. Episode 27 was uploaded in 2020.

This is one episode. The subtitle was ‘How can I suppress my emotions’. A question from one parent. “The mischievous man is raising his son. he doesn’t listen too much So emotionally upset. How did you restrain your emotions?”

This is the teacher (Ichiro)’s answer to this.

“Being emotional is losing. In conclusion, unconditionally You can’t win against a cold-hearted person. Baseball feels great when you hit. But you shouldn’t show your opponent that way. He is seen as an insignificant player. In other words, when the other person sees it, they think ‘this guy likes it with only this much’. then it’s no fun But when I see a player who doesn’t show emotion, I think, ‘I got a hit in this situation, don’t you like it?’ Doing so will make you wonder. So I was always conscious of this, and didn’t show my feelings.”

And give specific examples. Essentially, this is the scene in question. The moment that appeared in the 100-minute discussion.

“Some of you may remember the 2009 WBC. It was when I hit a hit in the final game against Korea. As he ran, he thought about what to do. I thought I shouldn’t look at the dugout because it was obvious that all of our team would be happy. Because when I see it, I have to react accordingly.” 바카라사이트

It can only be done here. What follows is surprising. It’s kind of embarrassing.

“What is the most humiliating thing about an opponent? It occurred to me that I wasn’t happy about it. When I acted the same as usual, if the other person had the mindset of ‘I really can’t do this to this guy’, I thought ‘this is it’. That is, thinking about what happened before your eyes. That way you can be relatively cool.”

His mouth often got into trouble. The first thing that comes to mind is the ’30 year speech’. “To the extent that I feel that my opponent cannot beat Japan for 30 years… .” It was a comment made ahead of the first WBC in 2006. Public opinion in Korea was boiling over this. Beyond arrogance, he was condemned as ‘absurd remarks’.

It was later found to have been corrupted. It means that it was perverted differently from the original meaning. But the inappropriateness doesn’t change. It is an overflowing expression. overly aggressive It is prone to misunderstanding.

‘Please teach me… ‘ is also the case. I know the story. Even emotions must be thorough. what would that mean It was the same in the actual game. He hit the winning run and landed at second base. The Japanese players were in a frenzy. Everyone was praising him. But he is alone and expressionless. He doesn’t show any signs and keeps his cool.

It’s good that he pursues perfection. This may be a unique advantage. However, inappropriate wording undermines meaning. I dared to use the word humiliation. “Sang.dae.e.g. most. Humiliation. Curse. Enemy. thing. this. What. I thought about it.” I can’t be satisfied with just winning this time. I won’t be able to do it in the future. It has such an intention. It is a logic that is not different from the 30-year-old remarks.

There is a word called golden road. It is often used in the sense of 禁度. It is a line that should not be crossed. However, the meaning of this word is different. 襟 refers to the collar (front). 度 indicates a broad mind and deep thoughts. The wider the collar, the more things it can hold. In that sense, it is true that Ichiro’s consciousness is far from the golden sword.

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