To the extent that Ha-seong Kim’s selection as a defensive all-star was only natural… Statistical media assertion “MLB overall leader”

July 14, 2023 0 Comments

Ever since he was playing in the KBO League, Ha-seong Kim (28‧ San Diego) has been evaluated as an excellent defense. Based on his outstanding athletic ability, he often made highlight films. However, no one knew what kind of evaluation the monsters would receive in the major leagues.카지노사이트

In particular, Asian infielders had a prejudice. There were many cases in which defenders who said they were flying in Japan or Korea went to the major leagues and failed. In Asia, he played as a shortstop, but after a while he was judged ‘unacceptable’ and often went to second or third base, where the burden of defense was relatively less. As batting speed gradually increased, major league clubs no longer trusted Asian shortstops.

In that respect, San Diego’s bold bet on Ha-sung Kim for a four-year contract was evaluated as ‘unexpected’ at the time. It is said that Kim Ha-seong can play multiple positions, but anyway, in the KBO League, he mainly played as a shortstop. Third base and second base were few defensive innings. San Diego was confident that Ha-seong Kim could succeed as a shortstop, and that he could also see second and third base skillfully, but not many people believed this straight up until the time of the contract.

Now, two and a half years later, everyone is paying attention to San Diego’s ‘Hyean’. This is because San Diego’s eyes that have watched Ha-seong Kim since childhood are proving to be right. Ha-seong Kim, who went through a season of adaptation in 2021, showed good defense enough to enter the final candidate for the Gold Glove in the National League shortstop last year. And he’s got confidence that this year his skills are being upgraded.

The defensive indicators are relatively new compared to the offensive indicators, and there is an evaluation that they are still difficult to trust. However, it is an indicator of a greater extent of development. A representative indicator is DRS (an indicator that measures how many goals were prevented by defense) compiled by the statistics company ‘Sports Info Solutions’. It has reigned the longest as a credible indicator and is on par with OAA, which was devised in the Statcast era.

‘Sports Info Solutions’ selected the major league ‘defensive all-star’ for the first half of this season in celebration of the major league all-star break on the 13th (Korean time). While looking at the company’s DRS, most of the players who showed good defense this year were listed on this list. Kim Ha-seong was also selected as an All-Star in the second baseman category as it was natural.

‘Sports Info Solutions’ said of Ha-sung Kim, ‘Ha-sung Kim, second baseman of the Padres, is leading the entire major league position with +17 as well as second baseman in DRS.’ The number of bases +11)” and Ha-seong Kim praised him for having the best DRS in the first half.

Carlos Santana (Pittsburgh ‧ 1st baseman), Ha-seong Kim (2nd baseman), Wander Franco (Tampa Bay ‧ shortstop), Ryan McMahon (Colorado ‧ 3rd baseman), Steven Kwan (Cleveland ‧ left fielder) , Kevin Kiermeyer (Toronto/center fielder), Fernando Tatis Jr. (San Diego/right fielder), Alejandro Kirk (Toronto/catcher), and Jack Greinke (Kansas City/pitcher) took their respective positions.

Andres Jimenez (Cleveland) was named as the second baseman on the shortlist. Jimenez is also showing excellent defensive power this year, but Kim Ha-seong has been overwhelming from the beginning of the season and the gap is not narrowing. On the list of candidates, many players who are considered good at defense in the major leagues, such as Dansby Swanson (Chicago Cubs), Kybrian Hayes (Pittsburgh), Matt Chapman (Toronto), and Dalton Barshaw (Toronto), added their names to the selection. .

If there were no injuries, Kim Ha-sung’s Gold Glove award became very powerful. He’s already halfway through the season, and the competition still hasn’t caught up. Rather, the possibility of winning the Platinum Glove continues to rise. As the on-site voters refer to figures including DRS and OAA, the fact that these figures are good can increase publicity and public confidence. Kim Ha-seong is creating a season that goes beyond our imagination.

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