Up to Futures All-Stars after 8 years of baseball… ‘Outside physical’ outfielders wait for ‘time to reciprocate’

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Wouldn’t it be time to refine myself more?”

Lee In-han (25) started baseball later than other players. At the earliest, he started playing baseball in the lower grades of elementary school, or at the latest in middle school, but Lee In-han started walking the path of a baseball player only in his first year of high school.

Dreaming of becoming a physical education teacher, he played various sports such as field hockey and soccer, and quickly adapted to baseball. He said, “I wanted to play sports professionally, but I happened to play baseball and softball at school. He knew the difficulties of a baseball player better than anyone else.”

A chance as a baseball player that he managed to persuade by writing a long letter. However, his pro wall was high. He was not nominated as a pro in his senior year of high school, so he went on to Gangneung Yeongdong University.

During his two years in college, his skills grew rapidly. Two or three times the effort of others followed. Even coach Choi Jae-ho stuck out his tongue at the enthusiasm of betting until midnight on the eve of the game.

In the 2019 presidential term, Lee In-han led Gangneung Yeongdong University to the championship with a batting average of over 40%. The first two-year university. MVP went to Lee In-han.

In the rookie draft of that year, Lee In-han was called by the KIA Tigers.

Although he showed a fierce blow from the spring of the first year after entering the pro, the wall of the 1st team was high. To make matters worse, he also had knee surgery in 2021.

2022 years after rehab. In the Futures League, he got off to a good start with a batting average of 3.14 during the month of April, and showed off a more fierce hitting feeling with 3.45 in July and 3.5 with August. Eight years into his baseball career, he was selected as a Futures All-Star and even stood in front of fans.

He continued his good form in the Futures League, but first-team opportunities were not easily reached. And after the season ended, he received a notice of release in October.

I almost felt resentful because I couldn’t be together, but KIA is still a team I’m grateful for. Lee In-han said, “I don’t have regrets, but I was able to learn and grow a lot at KIA. In particular, I had surgery in 2021 and last year I thought to build a body that could play for one season, and I achieved it. I also learned and improved a lot in defense,” he said. “KIA The end was not good, but it was a team that started together. I was able to experience a lot.”

Position to find a new team. Lee In-han revealed, “I try to exercise while leaving many possibilities open. He is also thinking of an independent baseball team.”

He continued, “I had a lot of thoughts about showing it again. I felt once again that my skills were lacking and that I had a lot to learn. Many seniors around me told me that baseball players must have such failures. , There are people who can overcome it, so he told me not to give up and work hard,” he said.온라인카지노

I am in good shape. As the effort was added to the innate gene, the muscle mass reached 50kg. It is a figure comparable to that of foreign players. Lee In-han emphasized, “Last year, I was thinking about batting average and hits, so it’s a pity that I couldn’t show my strengths. I’m confident in my long hits. I really want to show my strengths once again.”

There is another reason Lee In-han wants to continue playing baseball. He said, “The fans cheered me on a lot even after I was released. I thought I really wanted to reciprocate something. As much as I’ve only received so far, I really want to show it properly at the baseball field.”

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