“Viewership + Marketing + Sponsorship” Ohtani $ 600 million reservation… A walking company ‘Never trade’

July 8, 2023 0 Comments

 “If the Angels were committed to maximizing the value of the Ohtani trade, they would have transferred him last year.”

Another observation was made that the Los Angeles Angels would not trade Shohei Ohtani regardless of Mike Trout’s injury and the recent decline (3 wins, 7 losses in 10 games, including the last 3 losses). MLB.com believes that if the Angels had made up their mind to trade Ohtani, they would have done so in the 2022-2023 offseason.

MLB.com John Paul Morosi briefly made this claim on the 6th (hereinafter Korean time), and wrote an article in more detail on the 7th. “The club’s operations team will communicate trade scenarios with other teams if the Angels fall continues. But presenting a possible deal and getting it approved is another thing entirely.”

It means that the mind of owner Arte Moreno will never be moved. Withdrawal of the sale of the club, it should be seen that the policy of not trading Ohtani was firmly established. “If the Angels were committed to maximizing the value of the Ohtani trade, they would have transferred him last year,” said Morosi.체스카지노

Ohtani’s contract size is based on $500 million, and there are talks of $600 million and even $700 million. It is certain that it will shake the history of professional sports around the world beyond the major leagues. If the Angels can’t win the free agent market anyway, it’s right to trade right away. There is nothing to be gained by losing Ohtani in the free agent market. If you trade now, you can get the best prospect package ever.

But Moroshi thought differently. The Angels know that too, but he emphasized that taking immediate advantage is also meaningful enough. “Even if the Angels miss the postseason, there’s value in keeping Ohtani on the roster until he goes free agency,” he said. There are viewers watching every time he plays. Marketing revenue and sponsorship are attached to his appearance. His chances of being named the second American League MVP are very real.”

As for the Angels, if Ohtani is traded, the profit from Ohtani immediately becomes zero. It means that even though he knows that he will say goodbye this winter empty-handed, he cannot easily give up the huge profit in front of his eyes. That’s why the Angels want to play the postseason with Ohtani at least once. Do you want to refuse the ‘bonus money party’ regardless of grades? Ohtani is, in a word, a walking company.

Morosi predicts that the Angels will not be able to put an end to Ohtani trade rumors by winning more in the future. In any case, the time the Angels and Ohtani spend together is getting less and less. The scenario that the Angels will break up after extracting the maximum monetary value through Ohtani by the fall is gaining strength. At this point, the view of the American media is that the Los Angeles Dodgers are the only team that can afford Ohtani’s $600 million contract.

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