When will the Manchester United striker revive? “I can’t tell you how long it will take”

 When will Manchester United’s scam come back?

Jadon Sancho left Dortmund after a tenacious courtship from Manchester United and began a partnership in July 2021.

Sancho’s transfer fee is about 100 billion won. Much attention has been paid to Expectations prevailed that he would receive the number 7.

However, he had a hard time adapting in the early stages and earned the sad nickname of “eating and running” due to his performance below expectations.

Sancho has yet to show his performance at Manchester United as expected. He also missed the England squad for the World Cup in Qatar. 메이저사이트

Director Eric ten Haag sighed, saying, “Sancho is not suitable yet.”

“The physical is partially improving, but the mental is the problem. He wants to come back soon, but he can’t say how long it will take,” he added.

Coach Ten Hag wanted Sancho’s resurrection more than anyone else.

“I want Sancho’s resurrection as soon as possible,” said Ten Hag. However, he cannot demand coercion. He has no patience. However, he has to wait.”