Wilson X Weekly A For You : (46) Wonju YKK Basketball Class Seongho Lee

February 6, 2023 0 Comments

“It was more meaningful because it was the last tournament during my school days. I think I will graduate from high school with a happy heart.”

Assist, which has been working on the Assist For Youth project for the development of youth basketball in Korea since 2022, has been working steadily with global sports brand Wilson.

Assist, along with Wilson, selects and introduces one basketball class youth every Monday to join Up For You. With this project, we hope that hope will be planted again in youth who have not received attention because many competitions have not been held due to the Corona 19 incident.

Wonju YKK basketball class Lee Seong-ho (Sahmyuk High School 3) was selected as the 46th protagonist of Wilson X Weekly Here For You. 

Lee Seong-ho, who attended the YKK basketball class in Wonju from the second year of middle school, said that after encountering basketball, his desire to compete grew stronger. 

Lee Seong-ho said, “When I was in my second year of middle school, I was playing basketball in the neighborhood and participated in a tournament, and then I saw Wonju YKK players for the first time. They were so good at basketball that I thought I wanted to learn there too. I went to the Wonju YKK basketball class as one,” he explained about the reason he learned basketball at the Wonju YKK basketball class. 

Lee Seong-ho, who entered the YKK basketball class in Wonju during his middle school days, steadily polished his basketball skills for more than 5 years. Lee Seong-ho, who is about to graduate from high school, said, “After learning basketball at YKK in Wonju, my desire to compete got stronger. “I learned to play basketball 메이저놀이터hard,” he said. 

Lee Seong-ho, who competed in the 2023 KXO 3×3 Winter League in Hongcheon, which ended on the 5th, won the 3rd place in his last high school competition and reaped the beauty of the end. 

Lee Seong-ho said, “It was my last tournament in high school, and I’m happy to win. My friends and I agreed to try it one last time before we become adults, but it’s a pity that I didn’t prepare much more than I thought. My goal was to win, but it’s a pity that I only finished third.” I couldn’t hide my regret for missing the . 

He said, “Because Wonju is small, all the kids who play basketball know each other. The university has all gone to other places, but I hope we can have fun once we meet again in Wonju. Personally, my dream is to become a physical therapist, so I will go to university with a health department, Wonju YKK. I graduated from the basketball class. Now I’m graduating from YKK in Wonju, but I don’t know where or how to meet everyone, so if we get together, I’ll enjoy basketball with my friends again. Lastly, I’d like to thank Director Won Gu-yeon of Wonju YKK Basketball Class for helping me a lot. I want to tell you,” he concluded the interview. 

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