‘Worn-out official ball’ Gu Chang-mo…”I have to catch Ohtani”

January 12, 2023 0 Comments

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Chang-mo Koo, who was considered the next-generation ace of the KBO League, left due to injury in every international tournament.

Ahead of this WBC, he is immersed in adapting to the official ball early on, and is determined to win the Korea-Japan match.

Reporter Park Jae-woong met.

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Gu Chang-mo is holding a worn-out ball.

This is the official WBC ball given to national team pitchers in advance.

He did not let go of the ball in his hand to prepare for the competition, so the official ball was worn out like this.

[Gu Chang-mo / NC]
“I received 4 of them, but 4 of them are a little short, so if you use the ball once, it’s going to be used for about a week, so the ball is not in good condition.”

The WBC official ball has fewer stitches and a smoother surface than the KBO official ball.

Although he is not fully accustomed to it yet, Chang-mo Koo is adapting to the WBC official ball by testing his skill, the forkball.

[Koo Chang-mo / NC]메이저놀이터
“I catch it with a four-seam grip.. If there is a fastball like this, it will just be like this.. Then even the stitches can look like a fastball…”

Although he was considered the next-generation ace, he had to watch international competitions on TV because of frequent injuries. Gu Chang-mo.

He has no choice but to be determined.

[Gu Chang-mo / NC]
“I think the hitter I want to play against the most is Ohtani, and I think I have a big desire to play against him head-on. If I go to the

game against Japan, I will bet everything.” It also stimulates the desire to win.

This time, it is being discussed as a potential starting match against Japan, but we are already imagining a confrontation with Ohtani.

[Koo Chang-mo / NC]
“I think Ohtani is the hitter I want to play against the most, and I think I have a big desire to play an opponent head-on. If I go to Japan, I will bet everything..”

After debuting in 2017, Gu Chang-mo, who has never worked full-time.

He wants to prove it on the mound by perfectly throwing 2023, which starts with the WBC in March, and even a 7-year, 13.2 billion won large contract.

[Koo Chang-mo / NC]
“Now that I know that part well, I have to prove myself a little bit, so I have to seize this opportunity and make sure I can do it so that I can continue the left-handed genealogy of my seniors.”

This is Park Jae-woong from MBC News.

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