Yangpyeong-gun Office recruits a large number of excellent players, the strongest ‘transformation’ in male unemployment induction

January 26, 2023 0 Comments

The judo team of Yangpyeong-gun Office, which was regarded as the underdog of men’s unemployment judo, has transformed into the strongest team by recruiting a large number of excellent athletes.

Yangpyeong County Office has been struggling with recruiting and nurturing excellent players due to the nature of the county office team with poor finances, falling behind corporate and city hall teams. However, this year’s +100kg national team member Kim Min-jong (23) and 60kg ‘signboard’ Kim Won-jin (31), 66kg-class Kim Myeong-jin (22), 90kg-class Kim Jong-gyu (23), and 81kg-class Kim Jong-hoon graduated from Yongin University. (22) and 5 others were recruited to significantly reinforce the force.

Among them, Kim Min-jong is the signboard of Korean men’s judo who wore the Taegeuk mark when he was a high school student. He won the gold medal at the Portuguese Grand Prix last year and the bronze medal at the 2018 and 2022 World Championships, and was selected as the best player by the Korean Judo Association.

In addition, Kim Won-jin, who moved from Ansan City Hall, has been active as a national team member for more than 10 years, winning gold medals at the 2011 and 2015 Summer Universiade, gold medals at the 2015 Asian Championships, and bronze medals at the 2015 World Championships. to be. 온라인바카라

Kim Jong-hoon is a promising player who won a bronze medal at the 2022 Portuguese Grand Prix, and Kim Myung-jin and Kim Jong-gyu are also players who have consistently conquered the national stage while attending Yongin University, and are expected to play an active part in the business arena.

Founded in 2010 and led by coach Seong-Hoon Chae and coach Joo-Young Kim, Yangpyeong-gun Office recruited these ‘Kim 5’ with national team-level skills, and won Jong-hoon (31), a 100kg class ‘late star’ who was selected as the first national team player in team history last year. A total of 10 players, including hopeful and heavyweight Lee Seung-yeop (23), have built a formidable force.

Judo officials predict that the Yangpyeong-gun Office, which has greatly reinforced excellent players, will surpass KH Group Feelux Judo Team, Korea Racing Association, and Pohang City Hall, which have been the top men’s unemployment teams.

It is said that the Yangpyeong-gun Office Judo Department was able to have the strongest power because of the extraordinary interest and efforts of County Governor Jeon Jin-seon. The former mayor, who took office in July of last year, met directly with officials from the Korea Judo Association and Yongin University, and took the lead in recruiting excellent players, giving strength to the team with active support.

Chae Seong-hun, head coach of Yangpyeong-gun Office, said, “It has been very difficult to bring in excellent players due to difficulties in securing recruitment funds. However, with the active support of the head of state, we are happy to have recruited the most excellent players for the first time since the team was founded, but honestly, it is a burden.” said.

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