Yongjin-hyung, who prepared a ‘surprising’ lobster dinner, emphasized three things “Health, tenacity, faith”

February 13, 2023 0 Comments

Jeong Yong-jin, owner of SSG Landers, emphasized something while preparing a special dinner for the players.

On the 12th (Korean time), owner Jeong made a surprise visit to the spring camp in Vero Beach, Florida, USA, and had a dinner to encourage the team. Considering the time when the team is most physically exhausted at the point of entering the middle after the start of camp on the 1st, careful attention was paid to the dinner menu.

He prepared meat and seafood that can replenish stamina, such as lobster, prime rib, and LA galbi, to reinforce the players’ energy.

Lobster, the main menu, is fresh and tasty only when caught in cold water, so we insisted on lobster caught in Maine, which is close to Canada. Although the training ground is 2,561 kilometers away along the East Coast of the United States, live lobsters were shipped straight from the farm for the team 바카라사이트dinner.

In order to prepare LA Galbi, which is popular with players, Jeong went to nearby cities such as Atlanta and Orlando to purchase and airlift Korean food ingredients. Owner Jeong stood in front of the players at a dinner party.

While giving words of encouragement, owner Jeong mentioned three things. “This is my first overseas spring camp wearing a Landers uniform. I am happy to meet you all in the United States far away from Korea, and I am glad to welcome all new players and foreign players who have joined the team.”

Owner Jung Dan-joo said, “I looked around the training facilities here for a while before coming to the banquet hall, and it went well. I hope we have a facility where we can focus only on training more systematically like here.” said.

The players were also grateful for the encouragement of the owner. Park Jong-hoon said, “It seems unusual for the owner to visit the US spring camp. I think this is the first time for the owner to come to spring camp during his career as a player, and I am grateful for visiting such a far place. That gives the players greater strength and motivation, and it is nice to have time to rest with the players in the middle of the camp through the dinner table.”

In addition, Park Seong-han said, “I felt once again that there was a lot of interest and affection for the team when they came to the US spring camp and arranged a dinner like today. I will work harder for the rest of the camp so that I can complete it safely.”

Oh Won-seok said, “After last year’s celebration, I met the owner for the first time in a while. As the owner said today, I will do my best to achieve a combined championship this year and once again lift the garland,” he promised.

Rookie pitcher Lee Row-un said, “I am amazed and confused when I see the owner for the first time. I was nervous at first, but thank you for saying that you are welcome and glad to be part of the Landers family. I will do my best to finish the race without getting hurt during the rest of the camp as much as you said a lot.”

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