“You don’t believe me? Here’s the proof!

June 15, 2023 0 Comments

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A major league manager who lost a controversial call brought something into the press conference to protest the call.

Guess what it was?토토사이트

Find out in the top play.

◀ Report

One out in the bottom of the ninth inning.

The shortstop makes the catch, and he’s out at home!

And a runner at first base.

Ah… but here comes the error, and Houston gets the game-winning run.

But on second look, it looks like it was a “three-peat out” situation where the runner interfered with the throw.

And the game is over despite the protest of the call‥Washington coach Martinez, I even printed out the play in question as proof of the call…

[Coach Martinez].
“The umpire said the runner ran down the line, I’m so sick of this, fix it!”

Now that’s something the umpires feel, right?


Now, let’s watch some baseball.

The Yankees’ Kainer-Palepa reached on an error.

He promptly steals second base…and advances to third on a dropped ball.

That’s not all.

He slides into home plate from third…and catches his opponent off guard!

An amazing home run!

Riley, a pitcher who also played for Lotte, is completely blown away.


Last but not least is Seattle, who were incredibly unlucky.

Everyone was expecting a home run, but it was caught by Hosmer in center field.

In the fifth inning, they hit another long ball, this time right into the glove of the outfielder.

In the ninth inning, with a four-run deficit, I get really frustrated.

With the bases loaded, it looks like a perfect home run, but it’s caught by the opposing defense.

This is really going to be a sleepless night for Seattle.

Top play so far.

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